Book 2 is on it’s way!

Hi all, apologies if this is a duplicate post, I’ve just uploaded one then accidentally deleted it. Grrrr! Anyway lol, book 2 has finally been pieced together and is with the print company. I’m expecting my very 1st edition any time soon. I thought I’d share with you a quick look to see if you like it, so, here is the front and back covers side by side of my new book

Lost Forever


Most of you will know I gave up Facebook, twitter and a lot of other things so that I could concentrate solely on this book. Hopefully that’ll show when you see it in person. Every page has been hand crafted like a piece of art work. No standard paper here. I can’t wait to get my copy, review it then OK it so it can go on the shelves. As usual, I’ll give away 1 signed copy so all you gotta do if you want one is just comment anything you like here on my wordpress or email me and I’ll announce the winner early next year.

Cheers and I hope you like it šŸ™‚


One Response to “Book 2 is on it’s way!”

  1. Woohoo! Very excited about Book 2. It’s gunna be amazing.
    Such a talented guy. Got a lot of love for you and your work!

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