Without You

Oh how doth this waiting heart seem
Beating in time with loss
How losing at every inbetween,
is nothing to be forgot

Smiles of put them down gently’s
A midst of moments so in between
Lives of understood nothings impart,
of everything, ever seen

Rectangular in motion this lust
Starved of all but breath
With one wish I would wish for you
The one wish I had left

Nights seem just one further through
Expanding no mans land
One more wishing star wished away,
without you to hold my hand

Open eyed mirage of wonder
Reflected star lit skies
Taken in with open hearts and
Reflected from your eyes

Touched and put down carefully
Lay this soul for all to see
A waiting heart beats forever missing
All that you gave to me.


One Response to “Without You”

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