Must coldness be the only thing that one feels upon thy skin?
Like fingernails on chalkboards thou doth hurt me from within.
For ever long thou’re waiting must this ora guide our way
With hope thou’re of this painting that within me thou doth stay

Rain it seems thou sunder all these weathered childhood dreams
The mask you had me wearing is now the only me you’ll see.
Debilitating loneliness stored so fondly within your heart
Like promises thou’re keeping to fixate you at the start.

The hopelessness of dreaming doth cast colour from your needs
Waiting, forever waiting hath now brought us to our knees
How warmth of sun doth bring alive a joy kept deep within ones soul
Desire doth find me questioning the life thou hath let go.

Ora, thou hath faded one too many photographs.
And within us thou hath narrowed nearly all the hopeful paths
Sadness thou may cradle what was once, the all she’d been
Though blinded you leave many, you are more beautiful than I’ve seen

Darkness of the soul doth touch us all.


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