Untitled III

With open heart I begeth you of warmth within your speech
One cannot ask of gentleness if pining for your reach
With hurt there ever after in the fairytale of life
The stars they seem so gentle in the restlessness of the night

With dusk doth come another day simply strewn un to the past
The wandering of time into a memory thou’re cast
With so much left to learn yet an infinity to negate
A lifetime of emotion thou doth capture and create

Darkness here at last oh how the racing mind thou soothe
The wanton body aches the thoughts the day hast weaned of you
Dream, thou may evade me if this aching body lies
Within your place, upon my skin and forever by your side

Dream, thou never captured what we all believed thou could
The wishes made by children or of lives misunderstood
With sorrow one doth picture how a world doth find we are
With dawn doth come another day I’ll search for you my star


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