*Insert Thoughts Here* Pts 1 – 5

A Life, When All Life Has Gone.

A New Page Of Old Emptiness.

A Raindrop Falling Forever Through A Universe So Cold.


And I Will Blame Myself.

Be Still My Heart.

Broken And Still Falling.



How Fragile Love Becomes When You’re Not There.

How I Hear “I Miss You.”

I Don’t Know.

I Wish That Life Could See You Are So Fragile.

In This Feeling That Is.

Like Beauty Shone Through Prisms.

Nothing. Pts 1 & 2

Now I Have Let You Go.

Oh So But You.

The Silence That Flickers On.

Soul Shaped Scar.

The Consequences Of Hurting Mean We Encourage Things To Forgive.

The Delicate Touch Of Loneliness.

The Dream You Have Become.

The Everlasting.

The Fairytale That You Had Wished For.

The Hurt We Twist Within Ourselves.

The Ones We Have Adored.

These Dying Parts Are Where You Used To Place Your Hands.

This Is About You.

This Is For You.

To Wear Your Touch Upon Me. To Have Never Felt So Cold.


Untitled II

Untitled III


Without You.

You make it sound so easy to be alone.

Your Song.

Your Photograph Seems All That I Have Left.

Your Fingerprints Upon My Soul.


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