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*Insert Thoughts Here* Pts 1 – 5

A Life, When All Life Has Gone.

A New Page Of Old Emptiness.

A Raindrop Falling Forever Through A Universe So Cold.


And I Will Blame Myself.

Be Still My Heart.

Broken And Still Falling.



How Fragile Love Becomes When You’re Not There.

How I Hear “I Miss You.”

I Don’t Know.

I Wish That Life Could See You Are So Fragile.

In This Feeling That Is.

Like Beauty Shone Through Prisms.

Nothing. Pts 1 & 2

Now I Have Let You Go.

Oh So But You.

The Silence That Flickers On.

Soul Shaped Scar.

The Consequences Of Hurting Mean We Encourage Things To Forgive.

The Delicate Touch Of Loneliness.

The Dream You Have Become.

The Everlasting.

The Fairytale That You Had Wished For.

The Hurt We Twist Within Ourselves.

The Ones We Have Adored.

These Dying Parts Are Where You Used To Place Your Hands.

This Is About You.

This Is For You.

To Wear Your Touch Upon Me. To Have Never Felt So Cold.


Untitled II

Untitled III


Without You.

You make it sound so easy to be alone.

Your Song.

Your Photograph Seems All That I Have Left.

Your Fingerprints Upon My Soul.


Without You

Posted in All The Poems on September 26, 2012 by Aiden Howarth

Oh how doth this waiting heart seem
Beating in time with loss
How losing at every inbetween,
is nothing to be forgot

Smiles of put them down gently’s
A midst of moments so in between
Lives of understood nothings impart,
of everything, ever seen

Rectangular in motion this lust
Starved of all but breath
With one wish I would wish for you
The one wish I had left

Nights seem just one further through
Expanding no mans land
One more wishing star wished away,
without you to hold my hand

Open eyed mirage of wonder
Reflected star lit skies
Taken in with open hearts and
Reflected from your eyes

Touched and put down carefully
Lay this soul for all to see
A waiting heart beats forever missing
All that you gave to me.

Untitled III

Posted in All The Poems on September 26, 2012 by Aiden Howarth

With open heart I begeth you of warmth within your speech
One cannot ask of gentleness if pining for your reach
With hurt there ever after in the fairytale of life
The stars they seem so gentle in the restlessness of the night

With dusk doth come another day simply strewn un to the past
The wandering of time into a memory thou’re cast
With so much left to learn yet an infinity to negate
A lifetime of emotion thou doth capture and create

Darkness here at last oh how the racing mind thou soothe
The wanton body aches the thoughts the day hast weaned of you
Dream, thou may evade me if this aching body lies
Within your place, upon my skin and forever by your side

Dream, thou never captured what we all believed thou could
The wishes made by children or of lives misunderstood
With sorrow one doth picture how a world doth find we are
With dawn doth come another day I’ll search for you my star

Nothing Pts 1 & 2

Posted in All The Poems on September 26, 2012 by Aiden Howarth

Troubled with only memories that do keep this loss alive
Deep inside this aching want for you, be so unkind
Of all the days in weakness to find
you’re still missing all the same
Of that, beats heart of nothing
from the pain you made me save

Why cannot you see where you did place me once before?
Time has took much from me still I lay upon this floor
Calm the ocean waves do sound, try calm all I have missed
Still these screams of horror
through my mind do still persist

Love now once what were you?
As you have taken all what were
Home you now do place me from the calm you do prefer
Window panes seen long before the lives that pass us by
Keep inside the cold of how you left without goodbye

Stranger you do cost me much of all this hurt I’d spare
Where were you as children when you left with us despair?
How can I replace you when I never knew who you were?
I find myself now giving, what to me, you gave to her


With inner patience opened to the creative side of fate
Debilitating thoughts unto a rest thou do await
The darkening of hope to just a single weary star
Just fingertips away it seems that gone is all you are

With aching body burning from the fever of unrest
Cold remains the heart upon all hope that you’ve pressed
Love, at just the first site, as impossible as it seemed
Proven unto nothing, ‘cept a waste there of a dream

Yesteryears, thou promised more than wishes still unheard
Life, to whom is given life, in of which they do deserve?
Feelings, as if blind dose seem, thou colour could never change
Sleep, the only craving from a life that’s now estrange

With inner patience opened yet a lifetime made to wait
Coloured just a wonderful, be the darkest parts of fate
With death doth come the answers of which life did have us planned?
An ode of beauty weakening from when life, it first began.

I’m never more alone than when you’re with me.


Posted in All The Poems on September 26, 2012 by Aiden Howarth

Must coldness be the only thing that one feels upon thy skin?
Like fingernails on chalkboards thou doth hurt me from within.
For ever long thou’re waiting must this ora guide our way
With hope thou’re of this painting that within me thou doth stay

Rain it seems thou sunder all these weathered childhood dreams
The mask you had me wearing is now the only me you’ll see.
Debilitating loneliness stored so fondly within your heart
Like promises thou’re keeping to fixate you at the start.

The hopelessness of dreaming doth cast colour from your needs
Waiting, forever waiting hath now brought us to our knees
How warmth of sun doth bring alive a joy kept deep within ones soul
Desire doth find me questioning the life thou hath let go.

Ora, thou hath faded one too many photographs.
And within us thou hath narrowed nearly all the hopeful paths
Sadness thou may cradle what was once, the all she’d been
Though blinded you leave many, you are more beautiful than I’ve seen

Darkness of the soul doth touch us all.

These Dying Parts Are Where You Used To Place Your Hands

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So close to me though I’m still so far behind
I’ve taken it all and now I’m tired
As I walk forward
Back through my life,
Do you still feel me?
Do you still need me there at all?

You are my whole world
As you smile
Inside of me you’ll find
You are my soul,
My life untold
Inside of me you’ll be alright

These dying parts are where you used to place your hands
This empty hole is now who I am
As I walk forward
I need you by my side,
Do you still feel me?
Can’t you hear me call?

You have my whole world as you smile
Inside of me you’ll find
You are my soul,
My life untold
Inside of me I’ll be alright

Your memory in pieces
Scattered through my heart
I’ll find them all though I’m so tired
As you walk forward
Out of my life
Do you still need me?
I need you there or else I’ll fall

You have my whole world
As you smile
Inside of me you’ll find
You are my soul,
My life untold
Inside of me we’ll be alright.