Untitled II

Like beauty hath, one doth wish, in such radiance of thine
An aura, of emotions lift, from in this heart of mine
The warmth of thy affection hast within my soul, a need
With beauty thou hath mesmerised this silence over me

With wish, anticipation hath, of my thoughts, nothing more
An aura, like of nothing else, still seen this way afore
The heat upon my being, as of beauty, one hath seen
Within my life, forever, a wish that you, will always be

Of wonder I, doth lay upon, of how in my life you came
Mine breathe is thine for taking, with intrigue thou feel the same
An aura, indescribable, spectacular to see
Of heaven thou are mirrored, now, upon my life, thou be

With hope, this lust, upon your wear, now intrigue hath entwined
Feelings once unreachable, thou will, in my soul, now find
Fate thou hast, of long await, prayers, listened to, of age
Of dream, one shalt be empty, if, in real life, thou’d stay


6 Responses to “Untitled II”

  1. loved it hun cant wait for next book x

  2. I’ve just ordered your book from the publisher, cant wait for it to arrive! beautiful poem btw.

  3. You just don’t know how much I LOVE this Aiden.

  4. Dani Johnson Says:

    As always, Aiden, you work magic with your words. Very beautiful.

  5. Brilliant poem! Never knew people still are aware of the REAL poetic language!

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