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*insert thoughts here* Pts 1- 5

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Part 1…

Far beyond envisioned, lies the captivated soul
Piece by piece the heavens hath now gathered as a whole
Beauty matched by love in the most purest of all ways
The place you’ll find me wandering, as upon you, I gaze

Far beyond forgotten, in where once, you were a wish
Lives did incubate you and have turned you into this
How the grasp does tighten on
the moments time must take
With bleeding hands I beg of you,
from silence please awake

Far past comprehension, where as colour, you doth glow
Grey doth seem so wonderful bathed
in light thou doth bestow
Far from being a chalk board still I ache to feel your lines
With each piece of this heaven are the parts of you I find

So succumbed to waiting,
far beyond where patience stretch
Please colour me just as beautiful as your love I try sketch
Weathered by the way these lives have kept you so pristine
A million lives afore are still one million lives between

When it’s true love, you feel it.

Part 2…

…When it’s true love you held dear.

Alone at last, I think of you, with all familiar angst
Lessened be the weight of all, yet tighter seems the grasp
Parallel this direction to the ones I’ve see you in
Inside I cease this screaming as your silence does begin
Remember we were laughing?
A pretty crayon, oh how you’ve broke
You drew a thousand pictures on
my soul by how you spoke
Now I view a gallery of only picture frames, askew
This silence is the everything, that sound was once of you

A home you gave emotions somehow ravaged by the past
Sure, a pretty colour
But damn how you fade fast

Nothing can prepare us for the giving of ones soul
Though true love makes it easy, until the other one let’s go
So here alone with feeling that one can never be so clean
How can one be artwork
without your touch still underneath?

So hang me on this path,
I’ll hold the hope you’ll pass me by
Though weathered yet untouched
I’ve drawn for you, this last goodbye.

When it’s true love, you feel it.

Part 3…

The snap of covers closing on what once, was all we had
Laid upon the sheets of where this story first began
Never could I forget you, as you made for me this soul
With heavy heart of loneliness, this time I let you go

Years that have forgotten
what ones innocence had to mean
Sure, the screams did wake us
but of what remained unseen
Although we spoke so softly of our unguided understand
All that we could count on
was what we held within our hands

The transition of real life to the hopelessness of fate
The dreams we wish outstay us are
the dreams that fade away
Far from intervention stays the distance I’ve you kept
A breadth of stars beyond our dreams
is still what we have left

With warmth of the untouched throughout
a life thou led me through
The innocence of venture from the child that we outgrew
So colour me so beautiful in ways
matched by how you’re thought
With open hands I wait as if
like rain you could be caught

Part 4…

So here we find the ending
and it was thee whom time forgave
Looking back on all it is from now we must be brave
Another year older it is with hope we must defend
with all but fear behind us, life must bring us to the end

The closing of the chapter on what once was all we knew
One last page of emptiness as now I turn to you
Excitement for the first time as
from weight we hath come strong
A future more forgiving now the pages hath moved on
Trust abused by time in how thou kept life moving on
With embrace thou seemed ready
although with bitterness thou was strong
We all use reminiscing, just some of us, too much
When pain it is one feels, it is of love
thou once hath touched.

When it’s true love, you feel it.

Part 5…

Forgive me.