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And So Across The Distance

Posted in All The Poems with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on May 18, 2010 by Aiden Howarth

Hurt that holds the broken where belief you found let go
Shattered hopes and shattered dreams of all you’ll never know
A hollowed sense of wanting where your touch once placed my heart
Boundless, endless yearning always tearing me apart

A wondering soul of shallowed, unguided understand
Questioning uncertainty found me searching for your hand
A gentle breeze upon the skin as it seems heaven that we face
Such unadulterated joy in presence, in time and in place

The life of loved ones faded into a cold unfelt before
Drifting inwards alone and empty, bereft, life we implore

A universe does part us by the stars we look upon
Our souls remain together from a hard fought battle won

And so across the distance spanning chasms between us, I reach
Guided by “I love you”, caressed gently from your speech
Your warmth, your scent, your touch like heaven, forever pulling me in
Desire to be something more to you from deep within

Extravagant thoughts of lusting here now drape your every move
Aching just to touch you from this want I once removed
The heaven that did face us that inspired this lustrous greed
All this time was your love simply placed within my need

I knew I could never let you go from the second that you touched me. Why am I without you?

Standing on the brink, the heady sensation of your skin an elusive memory, how can I exist without you?

This is a poem written by Aiden Howarth & Amber Chagrined