This Is About You

Heaven only knows you found I was never really there
How broken promises yield that trust
that now upon your wear
One simply cannot give to you what it was one never could
Enchanting though forgiveness seems,
a want that never should
The passing sounds of life exist beyond this window pane
The cold night air does creep around
of all that does remain
The sound of rain so heavy as if oceans once a stream
Thoughts that mix with vision that created you, this dream
Cold, you lay upon me as I try hide from you no more
The chill of life awakened from the thought we did explore
Gently how you caress sense, awaiting familiar touch
The cold you can’t but not be, as is gone what we did clutch
Four walls here please speak of
all the visions here now displayed
One may as well be blind as rain
with darkness does cascade
A ghost afraid of shadows as to dark, emotions gone
Why you could not stay with me
has been haunting all along
What words have we not spoken
that could change the way we feel?
What parts of how it’s always been
could take from what is real?
The water we must swim to find our way
back under bridge
The effort we must overcome,
where in us, what won’t forgive

The need to feel someone loves you
in world so full of emptiness
blinds us so in need, of the damage we cause to others.


3 Responses to “This Is About You”

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  2. Wayne Kahler Says:

    I wish that I had met you when you were here. I just always mess up appointments and meeting with people. Not that I am necessarily intimidated.

  3. Pattygurll Says:

    This made me cry..beautifuly written..I felt your pain..and relate it to my own! Just wow

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