The Fairytale That You Had Wished For?

The key to staying open lies behind the doors we’ve closed
The things we took for granted
are the things we have no more
Lord you will replace us into lives you do create
The soul that you have given me
will for her, always await
Take from me emotion but please leave with me this will
Confusion has now overturned this hope you kept so still
You touched my hand and fallen,
were the walls we built so high
Without even spoken word it’s like we never said goodbye
Trust how you enslave me with a heart so full of pain
Trust how you have broken from this hope I did regain
Songs that place me with you have now fallen on deaf ears
If life be all but music why were we silent all these years?
Why do we class ‘too late’ as moments been and gone?
Retract, you take your hand
I feel that your heart has withdrawn
This story could have endings far too numerous to read
Yet fate does seem to narrate us in ones we don’t succeed

Taken by the hand and misled into the arms of hurt.

The fairytale that you had wished for?


11 Responses to “The Fairytale That You Had Wished For?”

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  2. This was lovely hun, simply gorgeous. The words flowed wonderfully, so wonderfully that I had an urge to sing it instead of simply read it. Your daughter is beautiful by the way. I can see where your inspiration comes from.

  3. u made me cry yet again aids xx

  4. Stephnie Nolen Says:

    another beautiful poem Aiden.

  5. Pattygurll Says:

    Aiden this was beautiful. ..truly!! Wow

  6. I thought this was a beautiful piece of work and look forward to your next.Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous,another string to your bow.

  7. This made me cry. so very beautiful and so very very sad. your words are incredible Aiden. Thank you for sharing them. Gemma x

  8. Mary Johns Says:

    I love this one Aiden, well written,well delivered. Great work.

  9. knichole84 Says:

    This speaks to so many things that I am feeling right now. Wonderful work!

  10. Desiree Says:

    Very well written!

  11. I like this one, something about the flow, its very natural very easy, it strikes at the heart, immediately. Its very good Aiden. Keep it up

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