The Soul Chamber

What we never gave to cradle, all one hush would sooth the cry
If love be of the oceans must our mouths be all but dry?
One’s we never reached still weighing down our drowning will
Doth swim, thy shalt recover…
Still we find ourselves stood still.

Oh ache of yester solemn place your touch be that of swords
Unearthed, inept and forthcoming not one heart thy shalt afford
Grave through expectation, must we still read thy wonder through?
One’s dawn be of thy mourning,
Shallow doubt thy doth pursue

A given be all but given away as we preach you take fore scorned
A life made up of ordinaries, extraordinarily unadorned
Peaceful within your craving, as watching you so need
Harvest one’s sense of loathing
As one’s love for you recedes

Yes you made this picture what it is we all could see
A star chamber to hold just but

The soul you took from me


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