The Hurt We Twist Within Ourselves

A haunting sense of missingness deep inside your soul
The want now to be absent from the hurt that can’t let go
A lust to be just wanted from a heart that cannot take
Such fragile inner beauty
that these fears now start to break

Wings upon those worthy
with nothing left inside but shame
Tangled up so lovingly with the hurt that keeps you sane
To scream ‘I’m not a bad person’
to the pain and all it hides
How can one so beautiful be so frightened deep inside?

Words since lost forever, replayed over and then through
Echoing throughout darkness
of the life you once withdrew
Hoping ever after that the one you loved let’s go
Grasping hold of misery like it’s all you’ll ever know

Princess like inner beauty as your hurt doth find it’s place
Loss doth take from nothing
as in my thoughts you stay safe
Then forever hidden tales of the hand that leads astray
Yearn there ever after night, to dull away ones pain

Open ever after, herein, the void throughout my soul
How doth beauty dance within my heart with such control?
Work inside this wonder that doth keep us from what seen Beautiful yet fragile, the way that you touch me

Shards of every memory,
we pray in us, that they could stay
gathered in hands of hopelessness
and painfully thrown away
The way the shadows fall upon your skin I plead to see
Beautiful this yearning, close enough to hear you breathe

Indebted just by knowing
how your touch doth make me gasp
Shades of love and pain in one, such colourful contrast
Maybe it’s inside, the hurt we twist within ourselves?
Lovers picked from loneliness, abundant upon shelves

Grey inside this morning, of wonder how you are
As far away to reach as the furthest away star
These crossroads here from nowhere,
with all that I could be
Searching for a reason that links your life now to me

An assortment of the now faded, gathered in unusual ways
Ones life mapped out through memories,
once lives we overlaid
Far from bound but broken as the lines still stain our skin
beholder binds the beauty once, now blinded from within

Transfixed from this distance
that ones heart doth echo thru
Far from faraway places
from which movement hath withdrew
Gazing through your memories as if once upon a time
love was once this story that these thoughts hence forth
now mime

A glance in each direction, seems the distance just as far
So honoured to have touched you, of whom you really are
I’ll walk this life one million times and never find a way
to touch away your loneliness
that with me it doth now stay

To tread this line of hope, be it nothing if not in vain
The gentle warmth of sunshine, the second it starts to rain.


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