The Dream You Have Become

Patiently still I find you sitting, waiting in my dreams
Over exposed the way the glow of pictures how you seem
Breeze you be so gentle as if her hair moves with sound
Warmth how this could never be
without all that you have found

Steadily may I move towards, without you fading away?
May I keep this image in my heart of you, with me to stay?
How I feel this open space of everything that you are
I listen to what you say to me from near but oh so far

Finally you’ll reach me and my heart, it doth stand still
Like life before my eyes you flash and in my soul fulfil
Painlessly I give to you this life that I once lead
In your hands I feel that you, I never could forget

Please walk with me this distance of eternity and beyond
Hand in hand the lives that pass us by were already gone
The universe that keeps us from the stars we look upon
Is the heaven that may take us to
the stars from which you shone

I hope I never wake from this dream you have become.


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