I Don’t Know

I feel the moonlight slowly creeping over me
It tears open my soul before it swallows up my beliefs
Have you seen the way I try to keep this all inside?
Cannibalised by my neglect, Should I leave this all behind?

I don’t know

So now I’m a broken soul and I’m crying down this path
I don’t know where I’m going
and I don’t know where I’ve been last
Can you sense my loneliness
like a cold wind from an open door?
Forever blowing nowhere like I’ve always done before

I don’t know

Still in his darkened room, should it only mean one thing?
When life is stripped away
from an angel with broken wings
The midnight sky will open up with amber rain
The rain’s still pouring at the break of a brand new day

I don’t know

Eventually this sadness fogs up the winter’s air
People have to carry on and people still don’t care
The sun will never rise again, I can tell up in my cloud
Saving the rain from falling before I hit the ground.


2 Responses to “I Don’t Know”

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  2. powerful, thoughtful poetry.
    nicely done

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