Be Still My Heart

Placed upon the edge of forever
Looking though forever still yet to go
Placed upon the edge of all reason,
Looking forever above and below

I wish I could give you this feeling
There is only so much fate can now do
Absorbed into this eternal want
Of losing myself into you

Found within the vastness of never,
Do I just prey this ache furthermore?
A universe to gaze upon,
Within your heart, I explore

Soul gone laid with forgiveness
May I lay by her side for all time?
With hope that one day she feels me,
When her heart I feel beat with mine

Now, sleep you may take me,
If she would follow me to into these dreams
There could I only give to her
The soul that she made for me

Please, be still my heart.


2 Responses to “Be Still My Heart”

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  2. Stephnie Says:

    Have you ever truly felt your heart beating in rhythm with someones.. listened to someones breathing as you fell asleep next to them. Do you know what it feels like to fall madly deeply in love with someone.. where words alone cannot describe.
    This is one of my favorite poems.. it gives me hope about love.. You are an amazing writer..

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