Oh cloud upon thy brow on heath
How furthermore must thou trail?
Afore thou sense foreboding
Hence, how furthermore thou must sail
Placed in skies of yonder with our
Glance inadvertently held
Appendage upon appendages
As if thought you wish impelled

Replacement of thy feelings
Much untouched by lovers spell
Curved beyond recognition by the gaze
Whom which they fell
Always to be one step away
Now ones loss of wintered gains
Thy visions hence forth adhered to,
Much now cataractsed away

Oh air of plentiful visions
Such aware of much thy held
Aging all but age thou trust
Of ones thou hast compelled
Such cynical in meander,
Hast thee not travelled quite afar?
With new page of old emptiness
That doth read of whom we are

An ode of whom becoming
As thine air doth whisk thee in
Once furthermore thou must travel
As the night air doth grow thin
Once humbling as remarkable
Much the way thou drew my gaze
Mine heart thou doth leave open
As the light thou doth now chase.


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