The Ones We Have Adored

The stranger in our thoughts that once did walk us
Upon the roads we thought we’d never walk before
To tear ourselves from all familiar feeling
For the love of ones we always have adored

The ones we have adored

Dust through finger tips you have now fallen
From the life that touched so many lives before
A soul here forth, taken without meaning
Upon the breeze again, you search for nothing more

The ones we have adored

Like the welcome warmth of lost anticipation
From a broken heart found just to be torn
The views of darkened sense through premonition
And the giving back of ones we’re forced to mourn

The ones we have adored

The price we pay for love will see us grieving
And our tears be just the closing of the door
At the expense of a life no longer feeling
Remain The lives that feel you forever more

The hearts you touched a million times before

The ones we have adored.


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