The Delicate Touch Of Loneliness

Seamless and intriguing inner beauty
Hurt, once upon a time hath fled
A cushioned lust for nothing more,
You to my soul embed

Giving but not forgetting how
To touch unreachable hearts
Taking but never leaving those
Whom built our lives from parts

Oh whispers of that distance
That do speak these fears aloud
The delicate touch of loneliness
Is but all our souls allow

A universe to look upon
Your eyes, the stars they prey
A trillion untouchable reasons why
My soul for you will stay

Star white and never rising your mist
Ghosts across the night
Reciting scenes unimaginable
Through skies your love ignites

Theatrical in motion,
Starlight moves upon your skin
Touching is never forgetting
Just how beautiful, you’re within.


3 Responses to “The Delicate Touch Of Loneliness”

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  2. I like this one dear.

  3. Desiree Says:

    Hi there, great poem!

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