Love Now Once What Were You?

Troubled only memories that do keep this loss alive
Deep inside this aching want for you be so unkind
Of all the days in weakness find your still missing all the same
Of that beats, heart of nothing, want you made me save

Why cannot you see where you did place me once before
As time has took much from me still I lay upon this floor
Calm the ocean waves do sound and calm all I have missed
Still these screams of horror through my mind do still persist

Love now once what were you as you’ve taken all what were
Home you now do place me from the calm you do prefer
Window panes seen long before the lives that pass us by
Keep inside the cold of how you left without goodbye

Stranger you do cost me much of all this hurt I’d spare
Where were you as children did you leave with us despair
How do I replace you when I never knew who you were
I find myself now giving what, to me you gave to her

My daughter.



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