I Wish That Life Could See You Are So Fragile

Nothing stops what comes across of beauty from inside
But far beyond the darkest parts of life yet still you hide
Taken from the inside are the parts we all once knew
At what point did you leave behind
the life you once withdrew?

Weakness see’s you fading into what once, was only pain
Life does fail aside you as with hurt you still remain
Wishes made of nothing still found time to be so true
Though nothing else to give I hope
that my wish does reach you

It is of life you must go hungry before of life you can fulfil
Helplessly I wait for you as life has stood you still
Of hearts forever breaking it is with thee I feel thy hurt
With loss forever holding on to loss you hast revert

Helen don’t you realise fore it is thee that life forgets?
How forever you stay waiting in what life has made regrets
Though through premonition see’s
that happiness treats you well
From heaven you hath fallen as if from life you bid farewell

You have everything to blame but yourself

I wish that life could see that you are so fragile.


3 Responses to “I Wish That Life Could See You Are So Fragile”

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  2. still my fav i cant read any of your work without crying xx

  3. wow thats strong xx

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