How I Hear, I Miss You

Forever miles apart
So in-between,
Yet that’s as close as we are
From the seems apart
You tear open all my dreams
So that I
Can feel who you are

A hope within my loss
You are not all that you seem
As I fear
Flow from my heart like a stream
Please, forget me not
as I am lost in how I feel
Whisper my name
As I listen patiently

There is no pressure
But this struggle within, keeps you away
I will hope for the better,
But when all hope is gone it keeps
Pushing you away

Forever miles apart
Together, all we’ve been
Yet that’s still so far apart
Lonely is this heart
As you beat From me
As I feel you
I am forced
To breathe

I’m a million pieces,
Rebuild me as you please
Now, in your hands
May my soul rest in peace
Sing to me an echo
As I am placed within your speech
Talk softly

Please don’t wake me from this dream.


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