Like a single star in a clear night sky
shining light throughout the universe
I look upon you and pretend you burn only for me
Never before have I longed for one so beautiful
I look up at you as if you can see into my soul
and never before have I so much wanted to give
Like a single star up there out of reach,
I find The parts of me your light reaches,
aching for your touch
Never before have I yearned for one so breathtaking
As you look down upon me I feel lust
matched only by the way you kiss
Like a single star alone all at night I find myself
wishing inside the hours,
Remembering every time your hand touched my face,
as gentle as starlight upon my skin
Never before have I longed for one so much
I look upon you holding out the emptiness in my soul
The place where you have touched me
Please never let me go.


3 Responses to “Helen”

  1. Natalie G Says:

    I have looked through a lot of your work Aiden and i have to leave a comment. Your words are remarkable and so deep and creative. As the comment above, i look forward to any new poems you add. Thank you for sharing with us a part of you in this way. so amazing. thank you

  2. This is a haunting poem and it makes me wonder at the rest of the story. If you have lost a child,then I am sorry for your loss. There is a lot of beauty in your words. I will be looking for more from your site.

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