Seeing you walk away from me was
the hardest thing that I’d to do
The cold hence forth upon me,
upon all the parts touched by you
Every step you took I prayed for you to turn around
I’ve nothing left inside me but this hurt that I have found

Cold air I do feel you upon these palms that once in hers
A funeral loss I walk from once
my heart did beat with yours
Here upon this birthday I sit with nothing left to give
To know what it is to be broken is to lose the want to live

Like a drug induced memory, you disappearing,
my heart, you flash
Life again slows to standstill as my heart again doth smash
The back of you walking away is
the last image I have of you
Though meters stood between us,
letting me go you had to do

Here I sit alone again with one thing on my mind
Nothing seems familiar, even my heart I cannot find
If it weren’t for passing cars I’d swear
this window view stood still
Seconds feel like hours to be with you, to then until

Tears now slowly fading into a headache
that clouds my mind
An empty shell I’m waiting just for you to climb inside
Still the cold air creeps right down my spine as I sit still
I’d stay here for one thousand years and still regain no will

Corseting nerves, emotion doth here stop me in my track
I feel your hands upon me as with you
I’m placed right back
Given that I had everything as my soul you did make one
Torture to exhale to find your touch is long since gone

Movement from next door reminds me
I best restart my day
I realise I’ve been missing inside my thoughts,
should here I stay?
Comfort hath surrendered to the the ache inside doth lie
How could I forget you when we never said goodbye?

Words will never be enough to describe how much I need you right now

I miss you so much.


2 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. Stephnie Says:

    this is beautiful. I can close my eyes and its like I am right there. lost in my thoughts. Beautiful

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