And I Will Blame Myself

Hurt thou hast to feel before ‘tis hurt thou canst remove
Hurt whilst thou adore me, now I ache inside for you?
Hide us from forgiveness by just keeping us from sin
The way your beauty touched upon my soul so deep within

Forever pain thou age us with such distance you entwine
Lust doth not but look upon all the hurt of which we find
Calm we lay forgiveness upon tears that part a soul
Torn do lay ones feelings as my hand you did let go

To reach inside myself and find
there is nothing there but you
Ache thou doth give over to the need we must subdue
Finding out ones weaknesses are ones that found us there
Fate thou now must teach us that you gave to us despair

I hope that these words reach you
as through fate I ask of speech
Through past lives you have held me
now without you I stay weak
Though different sides of universe that
I know we look upon
With heart and soul I find myself,
behind you I’m now gone.


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