A Rain Drop Falling Forever Through A Universe So Cold

The space which is my vision paints
the starlight upon the trees
A golden moonlit shadow from the dark inside the leaves
A sky so close I can touch the stars
I see your beauty withheld in me

Life born of a dream subsiding the universe as one
I miss you like an emptiness, open to all I know
I dream a dream like no other,
where I can feel you touch my skin
A dream so rich in colour
Your beauty deep within

Starlight followed by raindrops in your thought
throughout this sight
Moonlit shades the night of day,
ease of soul throughout this night
Open be so colourful as dreams come alive to portray you
Beauty last one thousand lives in dreams
painted all around you

The way two different colours mix to form
one deep and sensual shade
The way that the wind blows across,
everything that life made
The haunting of this soul from all
that’s missing within my heart
The very end of life I dream to be just but the start

Heaven hold me closely, close my eyes and keep me safe
Wrap your arms around me like the clouds without the day
Whisper that you love me to these ears dry of those words
Haunt me like a moonlit shadow
from my soul upon this earth

The widow of a dream still mourning
the night sky from the sun
Illuminated skies of sorrow, breathes the only one
Another world I see in you, far too close
the clouds are skies
A distance from so up above, the view beauty,
from all sides

One picture of a dream so moving, tears dare not fall
A raindrop falling forever through, a universe so cold
Emptiness rains the cold so empty,
here within your dream

Your touch seems so forgiving
When your heart beats just for me.


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